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Choixe's astonishing square-shaped candle holder.

MULTI-PURPOSE. This elegant piece can be used as a candle holder; jewelry dish; or just decoration artwork. In any case; it will bring color and brightness to your space.

MINIMALIST DESIGN. Simplicity; clean lines; monochromatic accent; and contemporary styling make this handicraft an essential piece for modern decor. 

ECO-FRIENDLY. A sustainable product made of recycled aluminum that helps reduce energy usage during the making process while decreasing landfill waste.

CRAFTSMANSHIP. Each piece is made at a time using expertly processed recycled aluminum alloy finished with multi-step polishing creating a piece of artwork with a balance of functionality and modern design.

Dimensions: 4" x 4" x 1.2"

Weight: 4.5oz.

Directions: Wipe with a dry cloth. Hand-wash only. 

Multi-Purpose Wavy-Square Candle Holder

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