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Crystals | Spiritual | Spell Candle | Wicca | Pagan | Flameless Candle | Protection | SOY | Wax Moon London Luxury Candles Protection Manifestation Protection Intention Candle with soy wax and crystal infusion. Basil & Lavender Fragrance & Black Tourmaline Crystal. Our intention or manifestation tin candle works with your intent. Hand painted moon, hand poured, soy wax, luxury fragrance oils, long burn time. Black Moon - Hand painted. Used to protect and ward off any negative vibes that might be thrown your way. Black Tourmaline - Strong grounding, protection, absolved of dark feelings, positive spin Lavender - Protection against evil and bad spirits. Assists with protection, healing, meditation, manifestation. TIN Size: 8 oz tins, holds 7 oz of wax 3" W x 2" H" 100% Soy Wax Luxury Fragrance Oil Burn Time: 40+ Hours Wick: 100% Cotton (Zinc & Lead Free) USA Made

Crystal Candle PROTECTION Intention Metaphysical Candle

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