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Our candles are made of a soy wax. The wicks of our candles are made of cotton. Our candles have awesome scents. You are guaranteed to smell the candles the whole time you burn them. We use the highest quality of essential oils to ensure you enjoy your candles.


All candles come in 9 ounce glass jar with lid.

• KIWI MELON: Blend of kiwi; peach; and casaba melon; violet; black currants; jasmine; and sugar blossom.

• LEMON LAVENDER: Blend of lemon; lavender; and pineapple. 

• REFRESHING SPA: Blend of peach; apple; lavender; and sandalwood

• PASSION FRUIT GUAVA: Blend of passion fruit; guava; peaches; strawberries; and pineapple 

• HYDRANGEA: Hydrangea flowers are very fragrant! The candle has a fresh and sweet smell. This fragrance is special to me because it is my favorite flower. Essie’s is named after my grandmother. She always had hydrangea’s in her yard. She absolutely loved flowers!

• COCONUT LIME: Clean citrus blend with a hint of lime and mandarin. You can also smell coconut and verbena with a hint of musk; sandalwood and cashmere woods.

• APPLE PIE: Smells like granny smith apples with a hint of cinnamon.

• MORNING RAIN: Refreshing and clean fragrance. It has a hint of lilies; hyacinth; and wisteria.

• PINEAPPLE: Smells like a freshly diced sweet pineapple.

• PEACH NECTAR: Smells like a juicy ripe peach.

Candles: Essie's Candles

SKU: D0102HIC92G
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